The state of Washington has developed a semi-standard series of jackpots used in poker rooms called Monte Carlo Jackpots. Most of the ubiquitous mini-casinos in the state use them, and will be noted as such in their Jackpots section. Many of these casinos actually label their jackpot boards "Monte Carlo" to identify them.

Monte Carlo Jackpots are jackpots for standard extremely high hands. Most casinos require you to show the hand at the showdown, though some may require no more than a flop to occur. Amounts are all progressive and grow at the end of each day based on the amount of money collected in that day's jackpot rake. When one of the jackpots is hit, it generally cycles back to 0 and then begins growing at the end of each day again.

Nearly all casinos require you to use both your hole cards to make your hand in order to win a Monte Carlo jackpot, and a few require that quads be made with a pocket pair.

  • Royal Flush Jackpot for a royal flush. Occasionally, a casino may offer different progressive amounts for the four different suits of Royal Flushes, but most just offer one Royal Flush amount.
  • Straight flush jackpot for a straight flush that is not a royal flush. Occasionally progressive by suit, but usually not.
  • Quads jackpot, is always done by rank of the quads: quad aces is a separate jackpot from quad kings, for example.
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