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MarkT MarkT 20 June 2010

My first WSOP

I got back last week from my poker vacation, and had a total blast!

I'd never been to the WSOP before. I kinda figured it was for big-time poker experts, of which I am most assuredly not one. I mean, the WSOP attracts the best players in the world, so I figured I would go, enter a couple events, bust out quickly, then have a fun vacation in Vegas. It would be the only time I'd enter the WSOP, I figured, in my life. But that's not what happened.

First off, while the WSOP undeniably attracts the best poker players in the world, it also attracts thousands of mediocre players, because it is the world's largest poker party, and a lot of people are there just to have fun. Secondly, the gap between the "best players in the world" and a merely c…

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MarkT MarkT 23 May 2010

Poker Vacation

I'm on my first-ever extended poker vacation, including my first-ever entry into a WSOP tournament (I'll be playing event 3 and possibly 4). I'm happy, rested, and having fun - and I think it's already showing up in my play.

Last night, I entered Day 1B of the first event in the Bicycle Casino's Deepstack series, and made it to 240th place or so out of 727 entrants. No money, but I played really really well and was quite happy. I'm reading other players' hands really well, and thinking one level strategically higher than them, I think.

One example: a somewhat-more-active-than-usual player three to my left, who had a habit of raising his AK and AQ types hands to 8 or 9 big blinds, raised preflop to only 3 big blinds. He had even mentioned…

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MarkT MarkT 19 May 2010

Learning One New Thing Every Day

One thing I've done recently is taken to playing a local no-limit tournament every weekend at my closest casino, the Garden City Casino in San Jose. They have a reasonable structure for a small, local, daily tournament (one key indicator: You start with 120 Big Blinds, and after a full hour, the blinds have only doubled, so the starting stack is still 60 Big Blinds), so I'm making a dedicated effort to play in it once a week to keep in practice, make money, and work on my live tournament game.

I've discovered something interesting: every week when I play, I learn one new thing about my game or how I do or should play in a tournament. I either make a great play which I come up with at the table, or I miss making a play which in retrospect …

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MarkT MarkT 1 May 2010

New wiki

Well, the old form of the PokerWiki has been dynamited. This is now the new home: PocketAces Poker Wiki (I couldn't use the old name for some reason). Shortly, the old PokerWIki contents is supposed to be uploaded and I can start editing it again.

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MarkT MarkT 24 January 2010

Careful what you say when the action's on you!

Last weekend, I was at my usual home game with Evangel, Calvin, Von, Tu, and most of the gang. We play low-stakes no-limit hold 'em about once a week or so (well, I play it about once a week - the guys have a game more like twice a week). We were a couple hours into the game, so people had reasonable size stacks. Evangel, in particular, had about 50 bucks in front of him and was on my left.

We were talking about the previous week's Poker After Dark shows which featured among other players the young Annette Obrestad. Von couldn't remember what country she was from. I answered, as I folded, "I think she's Dutch."

"Dutch?" said Von. "What country is that?"

While I pondered whether to make a joke ("Deutschland, of course!"), or just answer "The…

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