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 I was on hiatus for a while, but as of July 2007 I'm back (sorta).

Hi. I'm part of a team of a few volunteers from 2+2 who are driving this project because we think this has the potential to be a really great resource. That doesn't mean this is a dictatorship, or even an oligarchy. Consensus and cooperation are essential to Wiki culture and this community should be no different.

However, I do have a lot of ideas about how things could be, which may or may not be how they should be. So please feel free to comment on anything i've put here on my talk page, or just make changes as needed. Be bold!

Other projects of mine

Other interesting poker sites

  • Two Plus Two - I'm often posting there as AKQJ10
  • - local to where I live

TODO list


Misc interesting threads

These should eventually be bookmarked when we have a place for them Big stack v. small stack - Ed Miller chimes in.

B&M template

Games spread

Hold 'em


  • $2/4
  • $4/8
  • $5/10
  • $10/20


  • $1-2 blinds ($$$ min buy-in, $100 max) - i believe this $60 min , max $300)
  • $2-5 (...) - max buy-in is $500 , min ?
  • $5-5(no buyin cap)
  • 5-10(no buyin cap)


  • $6/12 full kill: kill rules
  • whatever....


  • $1-3 spread
  • $1-5 spread
  • $5/10

Rake structure / time collection

  • $2/4 Hold 'em:
  • $3/6 Hold 'em:
  • $4/8 Hold 'em:
  • $1-2 NL: $
  • $2-4 NL: $

Quality of opposition

Wait time


External links

Online template

Games spread

Tournaments spread

Quality of opposition


Customer service / cashout issues


External Links

Another experiment

This works on Wikipedia:Anarchism (I just picked a random see also example):

See also: Anarcho-syndicalism

but apparently not on older versions of MediaWiki?