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The Tight-Aggressive or the TAG playing style is often considered to be one of the best playing styles in poker, this playing styles involves players who don’t enter many pots, but when they do, they’ll play them aggressively and take control.

How to play against a Tight-Aggressive poker player:

1.-Steal their blinds: Most TAG’s want to be the pre-flop aggressor, if you have a TAG at your left, try to steal their blinds, they usually won’t have a very good hand to 3-bet you and if they do call they’ll more often than not be out of position, most TAGs want to keep things simple, they won’t put up a big fight without a big hand.

2.-Bluff raise them: Most of the time, Raising a TAG’s bet can be profitable, despite their narrow hand range most of the time they have nothing, and when you do raise them, even if they have something, this will make them think twice about what to do against your aggressiveness.

3.-Stickiness: TAG’s are sticky and aren’t quick to fold, ergo they won’t be pushed around, however they still have their exploits, first of all, if you manage to get a good hand, you can usually get value from it from the TAG as long as you keep your bets at a reasonable size, this matter is made easier if you’ve been caught bluffing before, the TAG might think that you’re just trying to bully them and they’ll probably make a stand, and if you want a TAG out of a pot, just bet big and they’ll usually back down, if you’re going to do this thought, try to have at least one pair just in case the TAG calls to see if you’re bluffing.

4.-3-bet: TAG’s like to have the initiative, 3-betting them usually puts them in a difficult spot, since if they call they will lose the initiative, as well as being out of position, most TAG’s also aren’t fearless enough to 4-bet you unless they have a good hand.