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Using this Texas Hold'em hand ranking data, the top 10 hands are:

Rank Hand 6 players winning odds
1 Pair A 49.43%
2 Pair K 43.38%
3 Pair Q 38.07%
4 Pair J 34.15%
5 Suited AK 32.19%
6 Pair T 30.44%
7 Suited AQ 30.38%
8 Suited KQ 29.31%
9 Suited AJ 29.18%
10 Offsuit AK 28.79%

"6 players winning odds" is the "fixed-preflop, post-river" probability of winning a 6-players game. It worthwhile to note that it assume no ones folds in the game. This give rise to the worst case probability or the worst case equity. In a real game where players folds, your chance of winning should be higher.

These data were generated based on Monte Carlo simulation. It is worth noting the the probability of winning drops fast as the rank drops.