Here's some text I wrote that could be massaged into a little bit of a summary that would be relevant here (but less SSHE, more "this is why you play this way").

The preflop recommendations in Small Stakes Hold 'Em by Ed Miller et al. are quite different for loose games (6+ to the the flop) than for "tight" games (3-5 to the flop). And yes, I'm using scare quotes because in the text Ed says that this is only tight with respect to low-limit games.
The key differences between the two are precisely in the speculative hands: suited aces and many suited kings in poor position, small pocket pairs regardless of position, etc. In general your reason for avoiding these hands with a positional disadvantage is your fear that aggressive play behind you might get players out, hence limiting your pot odds. But if everyone's going to call 2 or 3 bets anyway, you can limp right in without that fear. You may even be paying "too much" for a speculative hand, but you'll get paid off well when you hit.


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