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Station Casinos is a chain of casinos in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Founded in 1976, Station Casinos was the first casino chain created to cater to locals instead of tourists. Station Casinos are not on the Las Vegas Strip, and are instead found in outlying areas of Las Vegas. To attract families, Station Casinos often have kid's arcades, movie theaters, bowling alleys, and other all-ages fare in addition to spacious and full casinos. Many have inexpensive fast-food restaurants inside them (Fatburger, Subway sandwiches, etc). Since land off the strip is much less expensive, Station Casinos are typically much larger, space-wise, than strip resorts.

Station Casinos' first property was Palace Station, originally named the Bingo Palace. Palace Station is the Station property which is closest to the Strip, being only about three blocks away. In the early 2000's, Station purchased the struggling Fiesta Casinos chain and merged them into their chain while still retaining their Fiesta names, turning "Fiesta" into a "less expensive Station Casino" brand.

In recent years, Station has begun branching out into luxurious resort hotels, still situated in the outskirts of Las Vegas and still catering mostly to locals. These large resorts include Green Valley Ranch to the south and Red Rock Casino Resort to the west.

They have also begun to manage other casinos for other companies, including managing the Thunder Valley Casino near Sacramento, California.

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