The Soaring Eagle Casino is located in Mt. Pleasant, MI. The poker room is its own seperate area off the main floor but you are still close to the general action and can hear most noises from the floor.

If I recall correctly they have 19 tables. They offer 3-6,6-12,10-20 Limit Hold Em. They also offer 1-2 and 2-5 No Limit Hold Em (The 2-5 game normally runs only during the weekend) Also when the room is busy they also offer 3-6 and 4-8 Omaha Eight or Better which sometimes struggles to stay open.

As for features of the actual room. It has tv's that are viewable from every seat in the room. There is no eating/food allowed in the poker room but they do have drink service. There are no particular design features that stick out it just a room with poker tables no real extravagant design. Recently, they bought new chairs which are quite comfortable. The poker room is non-smoking. However, one can smoke near the entrance of the poker room and on the gaming floor.

Soaring Eagle's poker room is now open 24 hours a day. You need to be 18+ to gamble. They do offer a comp rate for playing poker which is equal to $1 an hour.

The rake at eagle used to be 6 dollars every half hour, now it is simply taken out of the pot. While talking to a dealer, he told me that raking the pots has dramatically increased how much the soaring eagle makes per hour.

The room can get quite busy during the weekends and I have waited as much as up to 2 hours before the play 3-6 Limit Hold Em.

Overall it is an alright poker room, I have seen worse and I have seen better.

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