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Poker is a very social game, and as such encourages discussion during and after a game. Over the hundred or more years that it has been played, slang has developed to describe situations and things in the poker world. Sometimes, the slang is shorthand for a complex situation that would normally take many words to describe; at other times, it's merely for the fun of having special words.

Some poker slang includes:

  • Boat: full house
  • Burn: to discard a card
  • Calling station: a player who tends to call most bets, often with fairly weak hands
  • Chop: a variety of meanings; but usually, to split a pot
  • Color Up: to exchange many lower denomination chips for one or a few chips of higher denomination
  • Full Boat: full house
  • Muck: the pile of discarded cards, usually kept by the dealer's hand
  • Nut Flush: the best possible flush (usually, ace-high flush)
  • Nut Straight: the best possible straight (see also Nuts)
  • Nuts: the best poker hand possible
  • One eyed jacks: the jack of hearts and the jack of spades
  • Runner-runner: needing two specific cards in the next two rounds in order to make your intended hand
  • Quads: four-of-a-kind
  • Rock: a tight player that plays only the best possible hands
  • Set: three-of-a-kind, especially with two of the three being downcards
  • Suicide King: the king of hearts
  • Trips: three-of-a-kind
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