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Silverado has 5 poker tables in a non-smoking room. The poker room is located near the back of the casino. There is a bar in the room where you can wait for a seat and it ensures quick drink service. All of the tables have shuffle machines.


Games Spread

Hold 'em

Spread Limit:

  • 3-12: $50 Minimum Buy-in, usually one or two games of this going
  • 4-100: upon request with interest, almost never goes
  • Others upon request


  • 3/6: Usually 2 games of this going
  • 4/8: $2 yellow chip game, has not been going for several months
  • Others upon request


  • Sunday: $80 + 8 buy-in, Winner gets seat in Semi-annual WSOP Freeroll
  • Monday: 6:30pm $40 + 4 buy-in
  • Wednesday: 7:00pm $25 + 2.50 buy-in, one $20 rebuy/addon
  • Thursday: 6:30pm unsure of structure

Rake Structure

5-10% with 3 or 4 dollar cap + $1 jackpot drop


High hand progressive jackpots for Quads w/ pocket pair, Straight Flushes, and Royal Flushes Aces Full of Tens beat progressive bad beat jackpot