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The SilverStar is a sister casino of the Pearl River Resort (they are connected via a skywalk over the highway). It's about an hour south of Starkville.

Game SelectionEdit

I played there on a Tuesday night. They run low buyin ($30-$70) tourneys most nights of the week. I did not play the tourney so can't comment on the structure.

When I was there, they were spreading $1-$5 stud, 2 tables of $3/$6, and 1 table of $2-$5 NL with a $500 cap. There seems to be an Omaha Hi/Lo game that runs, but not when I was there. There was a 50/50 mix of locals and visitors. Players were quite bad, as is the norm at this level. I played the $3/$6.

Room DescriptionEdit

The room itself is really just a corner of the casino. There is no specific separation of the casino room from the rest of the casino, but it's part of an elevated platform and is relatively quiet. The room is also right next to a bar, and the drink service was fairly quick (free drinks while playing). However, I'm not sure my white russians had any actual alcohol in them.


There were a few unusual rules that you should note. Each betting round is a bet and 4 raises. So, if you are used to '3 bet, cap,', you have to get used to '4 bet, cap'. Not a big deal as the play was quite passive. Anyone pre-flop raising wasn't joking, although I had a good time capping and 3 betting with premium hands like T7o and J6s. The other rule I really didn't like was their showdown rule. If you call a river bet and lose to the bettor's hand, you will have to show your hand if requested. It wasn't a big deal, but I prefer being able to muck my trash in peace. Besides these rules, the floor and dealers were pretty good (there's no board, just find a floor person and they'll help you out).


All in all, I'd recommend this place. But, don't expect a ton of table selection. If you are looking to blow off steam or turn a little profit at the low limits, this is the place for you.

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