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Much discussed and frequently abused rule allowing anyone to view the calling hand. Long story short:

  • Most on the 2+2's B&M forum agree that the purpose of this rule is to prevent collusion.
  • Most on the B&M forum are quite adamant that this rule is being abused when not invoked to prevent collusion.
  • But trying to point out the above two points in a low-limit game will quickly make you the table jerk, because everyone there thinks it's their right to ask to see hands for informational purposes.

Note that because player A was in the showdown, asking to see B's hand makes it live again -- if Player B mistakenly mucked a hand that beats Player A's, the dealer will now push the pot to Player B for having the best live hand. If anyone other than Player A asks to see, the hand remains dead.

Note also that the above pertains to calling hands. In the case of called hands, the river bettor or last raiser should have shown her hand first anyway so I don't think the collusion discussion applies, although perhaps someone more experienced can confirm.

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