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One-dollar chip: "Keeper of the Western Door"

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Phone: 716-299-1100 or 1-877-8-SENECA (73-6322)

Seneca Niagara Casino is one of three properties in Western New York run by the Seneca Nation of Indians. The casino itself towers over some moderately run-down residential neighborhoods of Niagara Falls, not far from other tourist attractions associated with the waterfalls. The casino dates from roughly 2003-04, but oddly the poker tables themselves look a bit run down. The clientele seems to range from working class to upper middle class, with a more "local" feel than Turning Stone. The poker room runs 24/7 with 16 tables.

Games spread

Limit hold 'em

  • $2/4 - pretty constant
  • $3/6 - pretty constant and being played with a half kill to 4-8 or 5-10 with a $60 pot.
  • Peak times up to $10/20

No-limit hold 'em

  • $1-2 blinds, $40 min, $100 max- pretty constant
  • $2-5, $200 min, $400 max - - pretty constant
  • $5-10, $400 min, $1000 max at peak times
  • $10-20, $1000 min, no max on Tuesday nights

Seven-card stud

  • $1-5 - pretty constant

Omaha Hi-Lo

  • $3-6 - pretty constant and being played with a half kill

Crazy Pineapple

  • $2/4 - at peak times


PhilipR, 24 April 2006, 19:00 - 24:00: I didn't write down all the games going, but there appeared to be roughly 8 or so. I didn't verify the number of tables given above but they may be closer to 24. There was at least one $1-5 stud game that started, and the "big" NL game was $5-10. I don't know if $2-5N was going at that time. There were a couple of low limit games going, I thought $3/6 but possibly $2/4 instead or in addition.

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Phone conversation, PhilipR 15:27, 20 Aug 2005 (UTC) - "Pretty constant" means it was going on a Saturday morning at this time.