Poker Wiki

The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino is located in Hollywood Florida. It is at the corner of 441 and Sheriden. The casino features "Bingo slots" with the poker room being an open area on the edge of the slot area, separated by a short wooden fence.

Tables and seating: All tables are equipped with electric shufflers and the poker room also features two fully electronic tables. For regular tables, players must register up front and put down a $20 deposit. They are given a restaurant-style pager and the list is viewable from most areas around the poker room. During peak times for popular games, players may have to wait on the order of hours.

For the two electronic tables, an employee staffs a station where players can request Player Cards and put money on them. Once a player has a Player Card, he may register at the station for whatever games are currently being played. Depending on how busy the person staffing the station is, the name may be called over the loud speaker. Once the seat is available, the player swipes his card at the seat in order to claim it. During normal hours one table continuously runs SNGs and the other table hosts a cash game. During peak hours both tables run SNGs.

Games: Due to a recent change in Florida Law, this casino can now run NL games, although the Maximum buy-in is $100. There's also a Big Beat Jackpot that occasionally goes to 6 figures. MTTs are run at least once a day and SNGs up to $1000 + $50 are run as soon as a list is full.

People: About 60/40 tourists and locals. Not nearly as many locals as the old Seminole Casino which is right across the street, but it still has its share of regulars. The games really aren't big enough to draw real pros, so expect weaker competition.

Service: Dealers are generally fairly competent and the floor people are usually pretty friendly. The people who sign you up for games can be a little slow sometimes. Due to Florida Law, they can't serve free alcoholic drinks, but soda, coffee, water is free. Frequency of drink service is about the average.

Atmosphere: It's a Hard Rock, so expect to be listening to music the whole time, although it's not so loud that it makes hearing the dealer difficult. The variety is ok if you only come once, but expect to hear the same songs if you come regularly. TVs are placed around the casino, but aren't really set up for easy viewing from the poker room. Usually half of the screens show a current sporting event and the other half are showing the music video to whatever is currently playing.