The Puget Sound area surrounding Seattle, Washington, is an intriguing area for poker aficionados. Although the city itself bans poker and other forms of gambling, it sits in the middle of a county which allows it, as do most neighboring cities and towns. Accordingly, there is quite a lot of legal poker available for a town where the major metropolis bans it.

NOTE: Much of the info on here was from 2006. We are trying to bring it up to date.

Current games Edit

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LHE Edit

Diamond Lil's. 4/8, 8/16, 20/40 pretty constant Edit

Palace Casino - Lakewood 3/6, 4/8, 8/16 steady

Muckleshoot - 4/8 w/full kill, 24/7.

LO8 Edit

15/30 (20/40 kill) Hideaway Mondays 4pm

15/30 (20/40 kill) Muckleshoot Thursday, Friday, Saturday. Game start on Thur @4p; Fri Sat @3p.

6/12 two-thirds kill Hideaway, Thursday afternoons. Palace Tukwila also offers this Tue Fri ahead to get on the wait or lock up a seat before game start.

4/8 full kill Muckleshoot Friday and Saturdays.

3/6 full kill, Hideaway, pretty constant.

Mixed games Edit

OE 25/50, Muckleshoot, full kill on any flop or 4th street, Fridays @ 7pm.

HORSE (with various games sometimes taking place of HE)6/12 Hideaway Sat 6p


5-5 Tulalip, Thur Fri Sat

5-10-25 Tulalip Thur Sat

Old commentary on some rooms Edit

NOTE: This section was written in 2006, with minor modifications. Updates are especially encouraged!

Some of the best places for poker in the area are some of the full Indian casinos. Particularly recommended are:

But the next best thing to the Indian casinos are the legal poker card rooms, some of which are definitely focused on poker. Particularly recommended are:

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