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Saloon 10 finished their new room in July 2006. The new room is located in the back left corner of the bar, and has six tables. The room is pretty spacious with a lot more room to get around then before, but the tables on the right side are a bit too close together making it hard to squeeze in and out of your seat.

With the expansion came new TVs, now there are 4 tvs, all 40 inch flat panels located up on the walls. You should be able to see a TV from almost any seat in the house now. Additionally the room is non-smoking, making all poker rooms in the city smoke free. Smoking is allowed in the bar.

The new bar is beautiful. Really hard to describe. Saloon 10s website should have pictures of it soon.

Drink comps suck now. I think that all beer is free still, and well drinks are free. Anything that costs 3.75 or under from the bar is comped. Anything above 3.75 you must pay for. Redbull is not free either. This is a recent change, and has impacted the quality of the games somewhat. Free snacks are usually available for players.


Games Spread

Hold 'em

Spread Limit:

  • 2-10: $40 Minimum Buy-in
  • 2-10-15: $40 Minimum Buy-in

7-stud hi/lo

  • 2-10: Spread only upon request with enough interest


  • Monday - Saturday: 11:00am Freeroll with $10 rebuys
  • Sunday: 2:00pm $40 + 4 buy-in, Played out, top 3 get paid
  • Monday: 6:45pm $40 + 4 buy-in, 5 dollar bounties on all players

Rake Structure

  • 5-10% up to $3 rake
  • $0.25 jackpot rake per 10 dollars in pot, $1 cap


  • All Jackpots require 4 people to be dealt in
  • Aces full of tens or better beat, both cards must play - 50% to loser, 40% to table, 10% to jackpot
  • Quad tens pays 10% of bad beat if both hold cards uses; pays 5% if only one hole card used
  • 64 beat by the wheel gets 10% in 7 stud

Dead Man's Hand

Both black aces and both black eights gets a T-shirt Both black aces and both black eights with the nine of diamonds gets $250, both hole cards must play