Rascals seattle outside

Rascals Casino in Seattle, WA

Hours, Tables, Location Edit

Hours 12noon - 6am daily (poker doesn't start until 6pm)
# Tables 3
Address 9635 Des Moines Memorial Dr, Seattle WA
Region Seattle, Washington, USA
Phone 206-763-3848

Rascals Casino in Seattle is technically not in Seattle but unincorporated King County. This explains why they are able to offer poker even though the city of Seattle has banned gambling. (King County, like most of Washington, allows card gambling).

Games Edit

Limit hold 'em: 3/6


Blinds: unknown.

Posting: unknown.

Shuffling: All tables are hand shuffled.

Game Character: unknown.

Wait Time: unknown.

Tournaments Edit

4:30 and 6:30pm every day, $30+$3 NLHE.

Jackpots and Promotions Edit

Rascals seattle inside

Interior of the poker area at Rascals Casino in Seattle, WA

Atmosphere Edit

A very pleasant, nice and wide open casino connected to a decent restaurant. The Rascals restaurant offers a standard American menu (and had good food for a reasonable, though not cheap, price), and the food is orderable in the casino. The bar is inside the casino and is open and friendly.

Neighborhood: In a decent shopping center on a busy street, it looks safe but busy.

Parking: Lots of parking in the shopping center of which Rascals is a part.

Tables and Chairs: 9-seat tables with nice felt and nice vinyl padding on edge. Clean commit line. Super-nice full leather office chairs for players.

Service and Comps Edit

You're connected to a nice restaurant and bar with frequent waitress service.

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