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Poque is a French card game of skill and bluffing, similar to but pre-dating the American card game of poker.

Poque or throbbing or Poch, in France and Germany was particularly popular, first came here the colors spades, hearts, diamonds and clubs to . The interesting fact, the 3 different games, with a given hand have been played - the “Book”, “throbbing” and “Ausspielen. The center formed a board on which the symbols for star-ace, king, queen, jack , Ten, and a picture for “Mariage,” “sequence” and “Poch” aufgemalt whose fields were on everyone had to place money. Each player received 5 cards, then was removed from the Talon the top card Everest holdem poker revealed that it defined the trump suit.

Now began the 1st Game, the “Book”: If a player trump ace, king, - Dame, Jack-or ten-he was allowed to use the respective value of Pochbrett field, he had King / lady he was also the amount of “Marriage” box, otherwise the use remained until the next round. That was pure luck thing.

Not so at the 2nd Play the “throbbing” It comes very close to poker, for now was that of 1 pair, 2 pairs, Drilling or “Vierling” held in their hands saying: “I poche.” And his commitment to the “Poch” — Pochbrettes the field. Another player of the quality of its cards could also was convinced “I believe” and counter the use or bring on Pochbrett. War had finished putting the maps shown, unless there was only one player left because he its operations, the remaining players ausbooten. The winner was the money from Pochbrett.

The 3rd and last game was the “Ausspielen” (note that there is still the same 5 card was played, there was no renewed Give!): This was the winner of the “throbbing” Round any card, the player, the senior Show the same color had had to be done about this. Could no longer a player card to push the basket, was the one who last as a card could play with any card. Gewonnen had one who was the first no more cards in their hands and held sackte the use of the “sequence” field of Pochbrettes.