The poker boom of the new millennium has increased the number of poker periodicals published on a regular basis in the United States:

Glossy Magazines Edit

Often, you can find free copies of the glossy print magazines (or Poker Player newspaper, below) in the physical casinos; casinos which advertise in the magazines get batches of free copies to give out.

Poker Newspapers Edit

Newspapers differ from magazines in that they generally focus more on timely news (who won a tournament, what events are upcoming at casinos,etc) and less on feature articles.

  • Poker Player - biweekly newspaper-style glossy tabloid.
  • Western Gambling Journal - newsprint newspaper covering mostly Washington State casinos. Given out at most Washington casinos, and at some in California as well.
  • Freeroll - Monthly newspaper focusing on strategy articles and book excerpts.

Internet Magazines Edit

  • Poker Magazine
  • Gambling Times is an internet newssite that is somehow related to Poker Player newspaper, and covers more gambling than just poker.
  • Rolling Good Times is more of a news site than a magazine, but has lots of poker info as well as articles on blackjack, news about Vegas, etc.
  • Poker News - Latest news and information from around the poker world. Rules, strategy.
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