Ever since the poker boom of 2003, the amount of televised poker has exploded. From the classics to the currently-running, here's a catalog of poker games on television:

Currently On The Air Edit

Note: shows about poker, like Play Like The Pros can be found on the Poker in the media page. This page is for actual televised poker tournaments and games.

  • Poker Night Live Canada, UK and Germany is a great show that shows small stakes fast blind structure single table tournaments
  • The World Series of Poker coverage has expanded greatly on ESPN, including lots of reruns of past years' episodes and a heavy emphasis on the current year's tournaments.
  • World Poker Tour (WPT) airs new episodes on Wednesday nights on the Travel Channel, with reruns on Saturdays. It is currently betewen seasons, though Season 5 shows are being played and taped.
  • Celebrity Poker Showdown is also between seasons right now, on the Bravo network.
  • FSN's Poker Superstars tournaments air about once a year (with reruns throughout the year). In 2006, Poker Superstars III aired during the summer.
  • High Stakes Poker airs on the Game Show Network, and features a high stakes ring game (not a tournament!) with a number of well-known poker pros as well as a few amateurs. It is currently re-running seasons one and two, and season three is being filmed.
  • NBC's National Heads-Up Poker Championship airs annually in April and May, following a format like the NCAA basketball tournament.
  • FSN airs the MansionPoker.Net Speed Poker Championship on Sundays.
  • Poker Royale airs irregularly on the Game Show Network. It's a serious of team-vs-team tournaments with unusual teams (comedians vs pros, old pros vs new pros, etc).
  • Poker Challenge airs on FSN, featuring final tables of tournaments featuring everyday players who qualified online
  • Monte Carlo Millions, sponsored by, airs irregularly on FSN and features a high-stakes tournament held in Monte Carlo.

Off The Air Edit

  • Calvin Ayre Wild Card Poker aired irregularly on FSN.
  • The Game Show Network used to air episodes of Late Night Poker, a tournament filmed in Britain. It aired from 1999-2002.
  • The Ultimate Poker Challenge aired from 2002-2004 and featured a series of one-hour tournaments filmed in the Plaza Hotel in Las Vegas, featuring many of poker's stars.
  • Joker Poker aired in Australia (not sure on other countries). It is a humorous show as casual players, including comedians, play Hold'em while Poker etiquette is out the window when it comes to what you say and don't say.


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