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Popular Online Poker Forums

Forums. Since the time of Antiquity this is where discussions were held. Wars of words were had. Learning took place. This is still true in the modern world. Now-a-days however, most forums are on the Internet rather than in a Greek amphitheater.

Forums are always a great place for relatively up to date information on any industry. This is especially so in the rapidly changing online gaming industry. A few of the more popular online poker forums can be found at:

Reddit's Online Poker Forum - A place to discuss all things online poker related. Friendly to new and recreational players as well as seasoned pros. No toxic moderators to deal with.

Reddit's Poker Forum' - A catch all poker forum that covers live poker as well. Warning, some of the moderators are toxic and unfriendly to rec players.

2+2 Publishing - The largest and oldest poker forum in existence. This is a solid site with almost two decades of content in its current, and archived forums. Every form of poker is discussed here, as well as news and gossip, Internet poker, you name it.

Poker - is a discussion community dedicated to online poker with a large amount of informational posts.

Pocket 5s - This is a large poker forum who emphasizes tournament play, strategy, and news items. It focuses heavily on online poker.