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What is a Poker Site?

A poker site is the internet equivalent of a poker room. Poker rooms are brick and mortar based locations, often found on the floor of a casino, where poker games are hosted. In the online era, where there is no actual physical location, rather than use the term poker room, the term poker site, the truncated form of "poker website" came into popular use.

Is a Poker Site the same as a Poker Network?

No, poker networks are composed of numerous poker sites who aggregate their players together. This larger pool of players provides more games for players to play (cash game liquidity) and allows for larger multi-table tournaments.

How many Poker Sites exist?

Over the course of online poker, which has been around since 1998, literally thousands of poker sites have been born. Sixteen years later in the year 2014, many of those sites, like all businesses, have gone out of business. However, with over 80 active poker networks still around, many hundreds of individual poker sites are still in operation today.