Why on earth do we need another poker site? Aren't Two Plus Two and rec.gambling.poker already the best possible discussion sites there could be? Not to mention United Poker Forum, Poker Pages, The Rounders Room, etc. What on earth can you add?

Well, 2+2 and RGP are certainly phenomenal resources, and it would be silly (or at least highly ambitious!) to start a project to compete with them. That's not the purpose of this site at all. This site exists only to fill a gap in those other forums.

In short, discussion boards are great at some things, and merely OK at other things. They can be a great resource for getting questions answered quickly, but are often lacking when one tries to find an authoritative answer from the past. PokerWikis will function as a dynamic repository of knowledge that people can refer to again and again. Our belief is that PokerWiki will complement the discussion forums already mentioned.

Here are some examples of questions like those commonly asked on the popular message forums:

Questions like these come up again and again. Most of us on 2+2 or RGP want to be helpful to people who ask these questions, but it's not always easy to find past posts on the topic. Often we end up writing an answer from scratch because it's easier than finding the thread from the last time we answered that question!

PokerWiki is intended to fill that need. But we have to ask for your help. Wikis are only as good as those who contribute to them. Please consider adding content as you see the need.

Need a good place to start? How about contributing a review of your favorite online or brick & mortar card room?

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