I started this discussion elsewhere on this site and decided it would be better to continue it in a more general area.

I have a tight image due to my preflop hand selection. I am a new Hold'Em player, so I pretty much follow Skalansky's starting hand recommendations. Compared to my competition, this makes me appear very tight.

I am wondering if this is similar to other players' experience. I should add that I do not play on line. I primarily play in home games, or occassionally in limit games at the Casinos. If I loosened up, I feel like my standard of play suffers.

Good questions, and hopefully at some point we can have an article on table image. In short, TI matters a lot more in home games than in cardrooms or online, because you're seeing the same players again and again. Since they've pegged you as tight and are assuming you're only playing premium hands, what you should do is take advantage of their assumption by playing a few less-than-premium hands. That doesn't mean you need to play with total junk, but it does mean you can open raise with speculative hands like suited connectors maybe 25% of the time. At least that's my understanding of how to deal with this. I have this sudden respect for my raises happen occasionally in NL casino games, and that's how I've tried to deal with it.
Now, as for your casino limit games, don't bother. You can raise good hands every time and still get 5 cold-callers because everyone wants to gamble!
-- PhilipR 12:50, 20 Jun 2005 (UTC)
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