The following statistics are calculated by PokerManager. They allow you to determine what Type of Poker Player your opponent is.

$ Won 
Total dollars won (or lost) for this player.
Total number of hands you have observed for this player. This statistic is very important for determing the Quality of Observed Statistics.
Percent of hands player Voluntarily Put $ in the Pot. Note the small blind and big blind do not count. Its a basic measure of how many hands the player plays.
PFR % 
Pre-Flop Raise Percent. A measure for pre-flop aggression.
Bet to Call ratio (after, the flop). Also known as aggression factor. If higher than 1.0, the player bets or raises more often than he calls.
Steal % 
Percent times player attempts a steal when a steal is possible.
Win % 
Percent times player wins a pot when they play in a game. In a ten-player game you want this to be 10% or higher for you!
SB Robbed 
# of times this player had their small blind "stolen".
BB Robbed 
# of times this player had their big blind "stolen".
Big Bets won per 100 hands played. A number above zero is a winning player.
Big Bets won per hour played.
Win WSF % 
The percent times this players wins having seen the flop.
WtSD % 
The Percent times the player went to showdown having seen the flop.
Win SD % 
Percent times player wins having seen the showdown.
The "cut" the poker site takes from a player. It is usually a percentage of the pot taken.

"There are three kinds of lies: lies, damned lies, and statistics." --Benjamin Disraeli


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