The definition of micro-limit varies from one person to another, but generally extends from the lowest games offered to about $1/2 online. Such stakes are impractical for all but the very largest brick-and-mortar rooms to spread, however online card rooms have such small marginal costs that even 1c/2c games are profitable. Most online card rooms start at 2c/4c.

Some people refer to the very smallest games, say 10c/20c and below, as nano-limit. Furthermore, although the term technically applies to fixed-limit games, some people also use it to refer to small stakes no-limit hold 'em.

Beginners who are seriously wishing to learn how to play poker are well advised to start out in real money micro-limit games instead of competing for play money. The reason is that playing for real money, no matter how small the sum, is very effective at discouraging reckless play from opponents that could misguide the beginner.

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