Majestic Star in Gary, Indiana is viewed as the low limit room in the Chicagoland area (vs. Horseshoe Hammond). While fairly spacious and satisfactory lighting, the temperature in the poker room can often be uncomfortable. Located on the top floor of Majestic Star II, the poker room offers a variety of games such as $5/$10 Omaha/8 and $1-$5 Stud.



$5/$10 Omaha/8

$4/$8 Mixed (rarely spreads)

No Limit:

$1/$2 No Limit ($50 min- $300 max, multiple tables common)

$2/$5 No Limit ($200 min- $1,000 max, runs on Fridays)

Spread Limit:

$1-$5 7 Card Stud - not going much lately


$1/$1 Pot Limit Omaha ($50 min-$200 max)

Tournaments (Current as of February 1, 2020):


Monday :$100 rebuy (w/$20 rebuy, $30 add-on) tournament at 6 PM.

Tuesday: $80 ($2K guarantee) at 6 PM.

Wednesday: $80 ($2K guarantee) at 6 PM.

Thursday: $80 ($2K guarantee) at 6 PM.

Friday: $150 Bounty tournament ($25 bounty) at 6 PM.

Saturday: $80 ($2K guarantee) at 12 PM. $150 ($4K guarantee) at 5 PM.

Sunday: $150 at 12 PM.


2nd Saturday of the month: $250 ($10K guarantee) at 5 PM.


All tournaments with a buyin of $80 start with 15,000 chips.

The $100 rebuy tournament starts with 10,000 chips.

All tournaments with a buyin of $150 start with 20,000 chips

All tournaments with a buyin of $250 start with 25,000 chips.

All tournaments use the big blind ante.

All tournaments with a guarantee require 25 players to trigger said guarantee.


10%, $5 max plus $1 for bad beat on $1/$2 No Limit and all Pot Limit and Limit games

$2/$5 No Limit is time raked, $5/half hour.


Bad beat jackpots for Stud, Omaha/8 and Hold'em.

Comps and Rewards: $1/hr for food purchases, 25 tier credits per hour.

High Hand runs from 10am-2am Sunday - Thursday. $50 every 2 hours. Minimum hand quads or better. Money rolls into next qualifying period if not hit, up to a maximum of $500.

Saturday and Sunday the first hand to make a Royal Flush wins $100.

In seven card stud, every hand of quads gets a bonus of $25.


You can call ahead to get on a list. They'll keep you on the list for 2 hours from the time of your call. Call (219) 977-7777 for the casino or (219) 977-7444 direct to the poker room.

Poker room is on top floor of riverboat, with nice atmosphere and view of Lake Michigan.

Nicely run room with friendly staff and decent comps.

High limit not always available.

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