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Lucky Nugget is a new 15 table room that opened on July 1st Phone Number: 605-578-1816

I'm working on info for this room. I like it, the room is large and spacious. The location is not prime, but not bad, it is near the parking garage and is attached to the Wild West Winners complex, so traffic should be ok. The next time I am there I will try to remember to bring my camera and grab some pictures.

Drinks are somewhat comped. Tap beer and well drinks are free. Bottles cost $2.00, Top Shelf costs $3.00. The kitchen menu is limited, I think it will expand. They will comp soda, water, and energy drinks (Full Throttle).

A tiny bit of information can be found at


Located at 604 Main St. At the end of the Wild West Winners complex, across the street from the Mineral Palace.

Games Spread

Hold 'em

  • 1.5/3 Limit - Beginner game, only 2 raises, no check raising
  • 3/6 Limit
  • 6/12 Limit
  • 15/30 Limit


Various Limits

Stud 8

Various Limits

Omaha 8/b

  • 3/6
  • 6/12


They keep changing things, the latest updates I know of can be found at the deadwood nuts page.

Rake Structure


  • Holdem
    • Aces full beat, $1 drop
  • Omaha
    • Quad nines beat, $1 drop
  • Stud (this may be incorrect)
    • Half for Quads beat, $1 drop
    • Half for 6432A beat by wheel for stud 8 lo