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Liam Flood is an Irish bookmaker and poker player.

Together with Terry Rogers, Flood is credited with introducing Texas hold 'em to Europe.[citation needed]

He was a finalist in series 1 and 2 of the famous Late Night Poker television series and went on to be the floorman for the Celebrity Poker Club spin-off. In 1997, he had an 11th place finish in the pot-limit hold-em tournament at the World Series of Poker, an event won by Phil Hellmuth and featuring Tom McEvoy, Todd Brunson and Kathy Liebert. In 1998, he had a 15th place finish in the no-limit hold-em tournament at the World Series - a tournament also featuring Erik Seidel and Chris Ferguson.

His biggest cash win to date is a second-place finish at the Party Poker World Open in Maidstone, Kent, England on 3rd April 2005. He won $150,000. Flood also appeared in the 2005 World Speed Poker Open. As of 2008, his total live tournament winnings exceed $950,000.[citation needed]

In 2007, Flood won the Party Poker European Open, beating Darren Hickman in the final head-to-head and pocketing the first prize of $125,000. This was his first outright win in a televised tournament.

Flood ironically nicknamed 'the Gentleman' is often one of the fiercest opponent one could meet at the poker table. He received the nickname from his penchant for school-master ties, and 1970's haircuts, whereby he would give the impression of an aristocrat. Flood was also well known to have been the inspiration for the popular boy band Boyzone when he and schoolboy friend Louis Walsh collaborated in a brief spell of management.[citation needed] The relationship didn't last long however as the two grew further apart, publicly blaming their respective workloads for the fallout.