Td .gif Tc .gif A pocket pair of tens can be among the most difficult pocket pairs to play correctly. If you miss your set on the flop, chances are good that overcards to your pair flopped. However, unlike small pairs, there's a reasonable chance that your pair will flop an overpair, and if one or possibly two overcards flop, tens are high enough that there is a chance that no one paired above you. Tens are a powerful hand despite their potential to disappoint, and most commentators recommend raising them or playing them against a raise preflop.

Probabilities and odds

  • Of any pair hitting at least a set on the flop: 12.8 % (6.9 to 1 against)
  • Of flopping an overpair (all three cards below 10): 25.3 % (3 to 1 against)

Print references

Ed Miller, Getting Started in Hold 'em, p. ??

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