A set on the flop is a very powerful hand. You have a pocket pair with another of that rank on the board, so the hand is well hidden. This hand is very likely to win on its own, but the additional strength of full house redraws make it even moreso.

Against a scary board with possible draws that can beat your set, you should play aggressively and fast. Try to build the pot and deny your opponents the odds to continue with their draws. It's often said that you will either win a bit pot or lose a big pot with a set. Don't underestimate the full house redraws; even if your set faces a made flush on the flop, you stil have 35% pot equity due to your full house and quads potential.

If you are facing a highly uncoordinated flop, you might consider slowplaying your set in hopes of getting two pair or top pair to come along and pay you off. If the board starts to look scary again, such as a flush becoming possible, it's probably best to start jamming to deny pot odds to your drawing opponents.

Set over set situations are rare, but when they come up they can be very expensive. Don't go worrying about another set if your opponent wakes up and starts playing fast, but be aware it can happen and when it does, it's just bad luck for the lower set.

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