Johnny Lodden who was born in 1985 is a Norwegian Professional Poker Player that is sponsored by PokerStars.  Lodden got his start as a high stakes cash game player on the Prima Network, which at the time had the highest games available to players and had some of the best players playing in them.  He ran his bankroll up to playing in the 200/400 games, but admitted to going broke and needing to start over again on a stake from a friend.

Lodden is also an accomplished tournament professional that travels the circuit of the largest tournaments, focusing on the EPT stops and festivals.  He has over $2.6 million in tournament cashes with his largest coming in 2013 at the EPT Grand Final Main Event were he finished 3rd for just over $650,000.  Lodden also has deep runs at the WSOP, WSOP-E and other EPT Main Events and has been playing in more tournaments over the past few years since his sponsorship began.

Lodden has also become popular because of a game associated with his name named “Lodden Thinks.”  The game started by Antonio Esfandiari and Phil Laak asking Johnny Lodden questions, has two people bet on what a third party thinks the answer to a question is.  The actual answer to the question doesn’t matter, only what the person answering actually thinks.  An example is that two players could bet on what they think someone will guess as to the age of a random person sitting at the table.  The person may be 42, but if the third party (Lodden) thinks they are 36 then that is the answer that will win one of the bettors the bet.

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