Boonville is located just off I-70 approx. in the middle of Missouri, slightly closer to KC than St. Louis. I played the room once and felt it was the best of the "redneck" poker rooms (i.e. room in a casino not in a major city or gambling area) that I've played (not that I've played them all). All of the dealers I had were good and controlled the game. Unfortunately, many dealers and floorpeople at the "redneck" rooms don't understand poker or just don't care or are just plain stupdi and tend to let the most obnoxious regular run the game.

Table had 6 tables. When I was there, 4 were being used. Two tables of $3/$6 limit holdem and two tables of $2/$5 NL. Max buy-in is $500 I believe. Remember in Misery casinos you can only buy $500 in chips every 2 hours and this is vigorously tracked-you must have a player's card to buy chips.

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