Hold'em Poker For Advanced Players, 21st Century Edition
By David Sklansky and Mason Malmuth
Published 1999, Two Plus Two Publishing
332 pages, including index

Commonly abbreviated HPFAP, this is the definitive strategy text on Texas Hold'em. Any serious poker player must read this book if they are to really understand the subtleties of this game. Sklansky's hand groupings are presented in two formats, and these groupings are the solid foundation on which a Hold'em player's education must be built. In addition to the strategy sections covering all facets of Hold'em play, there is a lengthy "Questions and Answers" section that explains most of the concepts using examples. This is not an easy book nor one that most will comprehend fully in one reading. This is a book to be studied and returned to as your knowledge of the game increases. If you are playing against advanced players and do not own this book, you are not playing optimal Texas Hold'em.

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