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Harrah's opened a new poker room as of July 2008. A friendly room with 40 tables that is open 24/7. Although the room is mainly a low limit and NL Hold'em room, the staff is very accomidating is is willing to spread any game that demand brings. The Harrah's properties stand alone running Atlantic City's only Bad Beat Jackpots similar to the ones popular in Las Vegas.

Current $1 chip

Games spread

Limit hold 'em

  • $2/4
  • $4/8 (1/2 blinds)

No-limit hold 'em

  • $1/2 blinds ($300 max buyin)
  • $2/5 blinds ($500 max buyin)

Tournaments: No Limit Hold'em

  • Friday 8:00 PM: $XX + $XX
  • Tournament Structure

Level - Ante - Blinds

 1   -  $0      -  $25/$50 

All tournaments are no rebuy and no add-on. 10000 tournament chips to start. 20 Minute rounds.


July 2008 -- the poker room is even harder to find, it's behind the McCormack and Schmidt's restaurant entrance.. so look for that.

There are now 40 tables in the larger, more open room. Should allow for larger tournaments, if the people come (they built it.. now let's see).

Bad Beat /High Hand Jackpot

All hold'em games are eligible for a Bad Beat Jackpot. The losing hand must be Aces full of Jacks or better. Both qualifying hands must use both hole cards to make the hand. Four of a kind must be made with a pocket pair. A qualifying full house must be made with pocket Aces.

The loser of the Jackpot Hand recieves 50% of the Jackpot, the winner receives 25% of the jackpot. All other players who were dealt into the hand and who's chips remain on the table at the completion of the hand split the remaining 25%.

Wait time

Waiting more then 10 minutes even on a Friday and Saturday night for any game is very rare. They are very quick to open a new table when the number of players warrant one.


  • $0.50/hr for $2-4


The room kind of has a "local joint" feel, as it is on the intimate side. Many players know all the dealers by name, and vice versa. Dealers are pretty nice, and efficient. All of the dealers I have run into in 15+ visits to the room have been professional and handle problems with promptness. Shuffle machines are there, which is very nice. The often change cards for brand new decks. Nice room overall.

Lots of new players and older regulars are in the 2/4 & 1/5 stud games. The NL games are not "action packed" like say, Caesars or Showboat. Much more relaxed (and generally older) crowd playing here.

Discussion thread

Harrah's AC trip report (Two Plus Two B&M forum, dreg May 2006)

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