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This will be a repository for custom images for Full Tilt Poker and Bovada. Mods that are incompatible with most recent software versions will be removed.

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Visit for a variety of mod packs, cards, chips, tables, and backgrounds with instructions all compatible with Bovada. The site also currently offers custom card decks for the Full Tilt client. There are in game screenshots and a huge selection of racetrack/round tables. The themes are a great way to refresh your online poker game! This is by far the most professional modding site out there right now. Good luck and happy modding! zqt

Decks Edit

  • Make sure FT client is closed while changing/renaming images.

How to use Card Mods.

1. Open My Computer to - C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\NewTable\common\cards

2. Create Folder called - Originals

3. Move (Cut/Paste) entire ....\cards folder to the .....\cards\originals

4. Go to the wiki page - download your preferred deck

5. Copy/Paste all sub folders in your new ...\cards folder into your original ...\cards folder.

6. Restart FTP client and make sure the MOD is Working.

NEW FTP UPDATE -links dont workEdit

AlienBoy's UltraSimple Theme

Designed as a theme that's easy to read for daily grinding at the tables.

Download here- Alienboy's UltraSimple Deck and Table


Classic Dark:

RaceTrack Glo (note: the red card back is now different than in this image):

Card Backs:

MsB Decks

Infected Joker-

Download here- Infected Joker Deck

Chi Town-

Download here- Chi Town Deck

Syfted Decks

Download here-


KEM Arrow/Pantheon by M4

Download: Click

KEM Arrow/Pantheon (w/ boxes) by M4

Download: Click

Top Cards by M4

Download: Click

Bump Cards by M4

Download: Click

Domino Pips by M4

Download: Click

Domino Tits by M4

Download: Click

Rayo Cards by M4

Download: Click

Fantasy Cards by M4

Download: Click

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Chips Edit

Micro Stakes by Gregg777


Chips0.png | Chips3.png

Low Stakes by Gregg777


Chips0.png | Chips3.png

Medium Stakes by Gregg777


Chips0.png | Chips3.png

High Stakes by Gregg777


Chips0.png | Chips1.png | Chips2.png | Chips3.png Chips4.png | Chips5.png | Chips6.png

High Stakes 2 by Gregg777


Chips0.png | Chips3.png

Casino Colors by DWarrior



Chip mod by Jarmop


Chips3.png Chips1

Casino Chips by M4

Download: Click

Simple Chips by M4

Download: Click

Coin Collection by M4

Download: Click

Custom Chips by M4

Download: Click

Avatars Edit

South Park avatars by M4

Download: Click

Bender Rodriguez avatar by M4

Download: Click

Paddington Bear avatar by M4

Download: Click

I much prefer informative articles like this to that high brow liteatrure.

Table Backgrounds - Original Mod Method Edit

How to use the Table Mods below.

1. Open My Computer to - C:\Program Files\Full Tilt Poker\Graphics\NewTable

1a. Choose either ...\classic or ...\racetrack

2. Go to wiki page and download background of choice. If the background you want already includes a table image, please make sure to delete or rename the table.svg file.

3. Move (Cut/Paste) table.jpg into the backgrounds folder [make sure you back up your original files first!!]

4. You should be able to add extra folders, but you will have to edit the xml files. For instructions please see the Mod thread here:

Original Edit

RaceTrack Edit

PokerStars Table Themes Edit

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