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Games Spread

Limit Games



6/12 when there is interest (most weekends it is spread)

15/30 or 20/40 mixed most Fridays

4/8 Omaha hi/lo

1-4 Stud hi/lo

Spread Limit

1/2 to 150 generally at least one table running, often with a must move table supporting the main game.

NL Tournaments

Twice daily one at 11am and one at 7pm. Buy-in $30 with $20 rebuy for 600 when "down to the felt" in the first hour and a 2000 chip add-on for $20 at the first break, with bonus chips for ring game play prior to the tournament, e.g. sit a ring game before 4pm and collect 3000 in bonus chips. Registration open to the street at ~30mins before the start, seated players 60mins before the start. Levels are 20mins for the first hour and 15mins thereafter. Final table (10) pay.

Points are awarded for each dollar of winnings leading to a monthly tournament of the top 80 points leaders. Current 5/05 the monthly prize is a seat to the WSOP ME. After the WSOP promotion ends, ~$10K is up for grabs for the winners of the monthly. There are bonus chips awarded for top point leaders. See tournament director for details.

Tournaments are ran well and smoothing. Structure fast and nasty on the daily, but monthly and special tournaments have a much better/slower structure.

Special tournaments from time to time, generally on Sunday or Saturday mornings.

General comments

Lowest rank in the valley.

Nice electronic waiting list, same system that the MGM has (still ramping it up though).

Player comps for "winners circle" members, works out to a free meal for 4 hours of play.

Floor staff is nice and generally very competent. Willing to changes games/limits if the table votes for it. Wait staff is good and generally fast and cute. Food is good if too costly compared to other area rooms.


AA or KK cracked spins a wheel for cash prizes

Small and Big bad beat jackpots for "aces full of tens or better beat by four of a kind or better". Small jackpot runs $10K, big jackpot runs $25K+

Others running all the time, talk to the desk for details.