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A floorman (or floorwoman), also sometimes shortened to just "floor", is a person in a poker room responsible for oversight of the games on the gaming floor (hence the name). The duties of floor personnel vary slightly from casino to casino, but in general, a floorperson is responsible for:

  • seating new players, and keeping games full and/or balanced
  • settling disputes, especially those involving house rules
  • supervising the dealers
  • handling mechanical problems that affect the game (e.g. a jammed shuffling machine)
  • managing the replacement of card decks
  • handling table change requests
  • in general, keeping the games running smoothly

Larger poker rooms typically have multiple floorpeople, each with general responsibility over a set of tables. A typical floorperson can manage anywhere from 1-15 tables.

In smaller rooms, or when the floor is busy, the brush may also function as a floorman. Generally, the floor is treated as a "function" or "position" at a cardroom. Even in small cardrooms where one person acts as both floorperson, brush, and general manager, a dealer will call for a "Floor!" if they need a dispute to be settled.

Floor personnel are usually dressed in suits or dress clothing, and not in dealer uniforms.

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