Five card stud is a true classic poker game. Prominently featured in the movie The Cincinnati Kid, and in the Bob Dylan song "Lily, Rosemary and the Jack of Hearts," this game was used for the precursor of the modern World Series of Poker in 1949 when Johnny Moss took on Nick "the Greek" Dandalos. This game is rarely found today and is never spread in card rooms. The game mechanics are simple. Each player is dealt one downcard and one upcard, followed by a round of betting. Each player is then dealt another upcard with another round of betting and so on until each player has one card down and four up.

The problem with this game is that there is almost complete information. Only the single downcard is hidden, so you can know with some certainty where you stand at any given time. Thus, reasonable opponents are going to give little action on most strong hands. Proper strategy mostly involves folding anything that can't "beat the board". For example, if an opponent has a king up and you have queen high, you should fold. If you have a low pair and have no reason to think anyone else has paired, you might choose to play on.

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Paradise Poker and Prima Network

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