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David Parlett is a games scholar who has studied both card games and board games. His published works include many popular books on games and the authoritative volumes "Oxford Guide to Card Games" and "Oxford History of Board Games", both now out of print. Parlett has also invented a number of board games, the most successful of which is Hare and Tortoise (1974). The German edition was awarded Spiel des Jahres (game of the year) in 1979.

His activities include writing, inventing and consulting. Contents [hide]

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   * The Penguin Encyclopedia of Card Games
   * The Oxford Dictionary of Card Games
   * Teach Yourself Card Games
   * The Oxford History of Board Games
   * The Oxford Guide to Card Games / A History of Card Games
   * Anarquía y Otros Juegos Sociales de Cartas
   * All the Best Card Games
   * Botticelli and Beyond
   * Card Games for Everyone
   * Family Card Games
   * The Guinness Book of Word Games
   * Know the Game: Patience
   * Original Card Games
   * The Penguin Book of Card Games
   * The Penguin Book of Patience
   * The Penguin Book of Word Games
   * The Popular Dictionary of Card Games
   * Solitaire: Aces Up and 399 other Card Games
   * Teach Yourself Card Games
   * Teach Yourself Card Games for Four
   * Teach Yourself Card Games for Three
   * Teach Yourself Card Games for Two
   * Teach Yourself Card Games for One
   * Teach Yourself Poker and Brag


Hare and Tortoise, his most acclaimed game

   * Hare and Tortoise
   * Ninety-Nine
   * The puzzle of Oz
   * Shoulder to Shoulder
   * Pot Black, snooker dice
   * "Rainbow" Junior Scrabble
   * The Gnümies Party Game
   * Zoo Party / 7Safari / Alles für die Katz
   * LifeCards - the Green Card Game
   * Asterix - the Card Game
   * All Around the House game

Solitaire card games

   * Penguin
   * Black Hole (solitaire)

External link suggestions

   * David Parlett's homepage [1]