A continuation bet is a hold 'em bet on the flop by the preflop raiser (or last preflop reraiser), often without a made hand. Most often it is associated with big non-pair hands such as AK and AQ, suited and unsuited, but many characteristics of a continuation bet can also apply to vulnerable pair hands that may or may not be best, such as JJ on an ace-high board. However, in this latter case the continuation bet also takes on properties of a probe bet.

The term continuation bet was popularized by Dan Harrington in his 2005 series Harrington on Hold 'em. Harrington suggests varying the continuation bet size around half the pot. In small stakes no-limit play, conventional wisdom often shades this upwards toward between 2/3 and full pot size.

Continuation bets occur in both limit and no-limit hold 'em; in the former game they are also called lead bets.

Discussion threads Edit

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