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Coin Poker is an online cryptocurrency-based poker room. Coin Poker first opened back in 2017 only offering play money games. By early 2018, Coin Poker started offering real money poker. Coin Poker is entirely cryptocurrency-based and the tables are denominated in Tether, or, USDT. USDT is a "stable" coin which means it is pegged to the US dollar and generally equivalent to $1. Coin Poker has also developed its own digital coin known as CHP. CHP can be used to take advantage of rakeback and other player-friendly promotions.

Coin Poker started by focusing on a provably fair shuffle and a transparent RNG(Random Number Generator).[1] This is described by Coin Poker as a decentralized RNG. Players are able to review the details of the cards dealt upon completion of the hand.

Traffic and Size

Coin Poker has been steadily growing since opening for business. Celebrity poker players Tony Guoga and Isabelle Mercier are both heavily involved with Coin Poker and have helped in increasing the player traffic. The player pool has been growing steadily with micro-stakes and mid-stakes tables running with great regularity. Coin Poker averages around 120-150 players in it's ring games.[2] Coin Poker also offers numerous nosebleed high-stakes tables; these tables rarely see action, but occasionally, games with blinds as high as $5,000/$10,000 will run.


The software utilized by Coin Poker is created by TGLab, an online gaming developer. TGLab is not one of the larger developers in the space, but the software Coin Poker offers is quite solid in functionality. There are a few customizable settings including deck style, deck color, and table design. Coin Poker also gives players the opportunity to run it twice and straddle.

Coin Poker operates its poker games through a downloadable poker client. The poker client is available for all Windows and Mac devices. Unlike many other popular online poker rooms, Coin Poker also offers a downloadable client specifically for mobile devices, such as IOS and Android.

Cash Games

5 Card Omaha Cash Game on CoinPoker

Coin Poker offers a plethora of cash game varieties across numerous stake levels. 6-player tables are the standard for cash games on Coin Poker with heads-up tables also on offer. Available game types include No-Limit Hold'em, Pot-Limit Omaha, 5 Card Omaha, and Open Face Chinese Pineapple. Below you will find a list of the stake levels available on Coin Poker:

  • NL Hold'em 6-Max: $0.02/$0.05, $0.05/$0.10+$0.01 Ante, $0.10/$0.25+$0.02 Ante, $0.25/$0.50+$0.05 Ante, $0.50/$1+$0.10 Ante, $1/$2+$0.20 Ante, $2.50/$5+$0.50 Ante, $5/$10+$1 Ante, $10/$20+$2 Ante, $25/$50+$5 Ante, $50/$100+$10 Ante, $100/$200+$20 Ante, $500/$1000+$200 Ante, $1000/$2000+$500 Ante
  • PL Omaha 6-Max: $0.02/$0.05, $0.05/$0.10+$0.01 Ante, $0.10/$0.25+$0.02 Ante, $0.25/$0.50+$0.05 Ante, $0.50/$1+$0.10 Ante, $1/$2+$0.20 Ante, $2.50/$5+$0.50 Ante, $5/$10+$1 Ante, $10/$20+$2 Ante, $25/$50+$5 Ante, $50/$100+$10 Ante, $100/$200+$20 Ante, $200/$400+$75 Ante, $300/$600+$75 Ante, $500/$1,000+$200 Ante, $1,000/$2,000+$500 Ante, $2,000/$4,000+$1,000 Ante, $3,000/$6,000+$1,000 Ante, $5,000/$10,000+$2,000 Ante, $10,000/$20,000+$2,500 Ante
  • 5 Card PLO 6-Max: $0.02/$0.05,$0.05/$0.10+$0.01 Ante, $0.10/$0.25+$0.02 Ante, $0.25/$0.50+$0.05 Ante, $0.50/$1+$0.10 Ante, $1/$2+$0.20 Ante, $2.50/$5+$0.50 Ante, $5/$10+$1 Ante, $10/$20+$2 Ante, $25/$50+$5 Ante, $50/$100+$20 Ante, $500/$1,000+$250 Ante, $1,000/$2,000+$500 Ante, $2,000/$4,000+$1,000 Ante, $5,000/$10,000+$3,000 Ante
  • NL Hold'em Heads Up: $25/$50+$5 Ante, $200/$400+$25 Ante, $500/$1,000+$200 Ante
  • PL Omaha Heads Up: $100/$200+$50 Ante, $200/$400+$75 Ante, $500/$1,000+$200 Ante, $1,000/$2,000+$500 Ante
  • 5 Card PLO Heads Up: $25/$50+$5 Ante, $200/$400+$100 Ante, $300/$600+$150 Ante, $3,000/$6,000+$1,000 Ante
  • Open Face Chinese 3-Max: $0.02, $0.05, $0.10, $0.25, $0.50, $1, $2, $5, $10, $20, $50

Tournament Lobby at CoinPoker


Coin Poker offers a wide variety of tournaments across multiple buy-in levels. Daily tournaments are offered with buy-ins ranging between $1 and $150. Coin Poker also offers special tournaments and scheduled multi-day events. The Crypto Series of Online Poker is a recurring tournament series featuring guaranteed prize pools, promotional leaderboards, and numerous satellites. CSOP is a 10-day series that runs twice every year; Coin Poker also features a Mini CSOP with buy-ins and prize pools 20% the size of the main CSOP.[3]

$11 Buy-in Cosmic Spin at Coin Poker

Cosmic Spins

Cosmic Spins are a 3-handed sit and go with a random multiplier determining the prize pool.[4] The multiplier awarded will be between 2x and 2000x. The prize pool will go to one winning player unless one of the highest multiplier jackpots is awarded. In that case, the other two players will each receive 10% of the prize pool. Cosmic Spins are offered at the following buy-in levels:

  • $1, $5, $10, $25, $50, $100


CoinPoker offers a wide variety of promotions including a bad beat jackpot and multiple leaderboards. The Galactic Grinders leaderboards reward the top players each week with cash prizes. Tournaments and cash games feature separate leaderboards and players can earn points based on tournament entries or cash game rake contributed.[5]

The bad beat jackpot is available across all stake levels, which is quite a unique feature. In order to ensure fairness, game type and stakes impact how much of the BBJ can be awarded. For example, a BBJ triggered on a $0.02/$0.05 Hold'em table will be eligible to receive 2.5% of the total jackpot amount. At stakes of $0.50/$1 Hold'em and above, 45% of the jackpot pool will be awarded. If a BBJ is awarded, 50% will go to the losing player, 20% will be awarded to the winning player, and 20% will be split among the rest of the players at the table who were dealt into the hand. 10% of the funds will be returned to the jackpot pool.[6]


Coin Poker offers 30% rakeback if the player holds a balance in CHP, Coin Poker's digital coin. While playing poker the rake will be deducted in Tether. If a player has CHP in their account, upon leaving a table the rake generated in Tether will be returned to the player's account and the equivalent amount will be deducted in CHP. Every week, 30% of the CHP will be returned in the form of rakeback. If a player does not have any CHP, no rakeback will be issued and the rake will simply be deducted in Tether at the tables.[7]


As previously mentioned, all tables at Coin Poker are denominated in Tether or USDT. Cryptocurrencies are the only deposit and withdrawal methods available. Crypto coins available to deposit include BTC, ETH, USDT, BNB, MATIC, and BUSD. Coin Poker's own coin, CHP, can also be used for deposits. Players can also trade Tether for CHP from within the Coin Poker cashier, for a small fee, in order to qualify for rakeback.

The same cryptocurrencies offered for deposits are also utilized for withdrawals. In general, Coin Poker will utilize the same withdrawal method as the previous deposit method. If the player deposits using BTC, BTC will be utilized for withdrawal. It should be noted that withdrawal fees up to around 5% apply on Coin Poker. This fee is much lower if using CHP for withdrawal, but that can be difficult for many players and create more fees as CHP does not trade with fiat currency directly on most exchanges.

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