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Hours 11am-4am Mon-Fri, 24hrs on weekends
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Address 7617 Atlantic Avenue, Cudahy, CA
Region Los Angeles, California, USA
Phone 323-560-5995
Website [http:// ]

Less than two miles directly west of the Bicycle Casino, take Florence Ave directly west, turn left on Atlantic, and it's down a couple blocks on your right.


I only played for a few hours, but the LHE game I was in was weak/loose passive. I assume that's typical.

Wait Time: There's usually a seat available, since they seem to have enough regulars to almost fill a single table, and then the owner or an employee or two fill out the seats. The employees will get up to make room for you if you show up, though.


Posting: New players do not need to post to enter a game.

Shuffling: Hand shuffled on 4 tables, one table has a Shufflemaster. Often, only one table is running, so they use the Shufflemaster table.


Weekly tournaments on Monday nights.

Jackpots and Promotions

Bad beat (aces full of anything, beaten) and high hand jackpots.


Only two miles west of the second-largest poker room in Los Angeles is the smallest poker room in Los Angeles. Club Caribe caters to a friendly, laidback group of regulars who like its combination bar, restaurant, poker room, and table games. Limits are all very low, and a lot of fun is had as very little money moves around. Relaxed, even slow, play is the complete opposite of most poker rooms in this area.

Tables and Chairs:

Parking: Only a little bit of parking, around behind the casino (maybe around 20-30 spaces), but that's plenty for this small little room. Interestingly, although the building as seen from the street looks imposing and bland, when you drive into the parking lot behind it, you realize that the back of the building is really the front - a fairly inviting front door awaits you as you walk in from your car.

Smoking: No smoking allowed in the main room under California law, but there is a separate enclosed indoor smoking room in the corner, so you don't have to go outside to smoke.

Service and Comps

Links and Notes

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