Basic Play Edit

Four players are each dealt 13 cards. The idea is then to arrange those cards into two 5-card poker hands and a single 3-card poker hand. For the 3-card hand, straights and flushes aren't possible - the best hand is 3 of a kind, then a pair and then no pair.

The cards are arrayed in three rows in front of the player. The two 5-card hands and then the 3-card hand. The row closest to the player must be a better poker hand than the middle row and the middle row must be a better hand than the front row (the 3-card row)

Once all players have arranged their hands, they are turned over and compared in turn to determine the winner. First all back rows are compared and the winner gets points from the losing players. Then the middle row is compared and points awarded. Finally the front row is compared and points awarded.

Scoring Edit

For purposes of scoring, assume the following imaginary reveal:

 2d4c       2c7h 
 Tc7d9h     6h4d7c 
DebbieThKh9d     Qd5h7sBob
 TsKdQs     AcJc9s 
 TdAh       Jd9c 

The hands, of course, are as follows:

AlexQueen highPair of kings, five kickerTreys full
BobAce highPair of jacksSevens full
CarolPair of eightsPair of acesSix-high straight
DebbiePair of ninesPair of kings, ace kickerQuad tens

Each player now compares all three hands against each other player's three hands.

AlexFront: Bob
Middle: Alex
Back: Bob
Front: Carol
Middle: Carol
Back: Alex
Front: Debbie
Middle: Debbie
Back: Debbie
Bob Front: Carol
Middle: Carol
Back: Bob
Front: Debbie
Middle: Debbie
Back: Debbie
Carol  Front: Debbie
Middle: Carol
Back: Debbie

So, if they're playing for $1 a point, each player ends up winning or losing money as follows:
Alex: -$5 ($1 to Bob, $1 to Carol, $3 to Debbie)
Bob: -$3 ($1 from Alex, $1 to Carol, $3 to Debbie)
Carol: +$1 ($1 from Alex, $1 from Bob, $1 to Debbie)
Debbie: +$7 ($3 from Alex, $3 from Bob, $1 from Carol)

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