I haven't been to this room in several months, so info might be out of date.

Nine poker tables, smoking allowed, 10% up to $5 rake, $1 bad beat jackpot on low-limit tables. Games typically spread are $1-$5 stud, $5/$10 limit holdem, $10/$20/$30 limit holdem ($30 bets on river), and $2/$5 NL w/$300 max buy-in (I was told the max was increased to $500). I've heard that PLO or Omaha/8 is occasionally spread on weekdays, but I haven't seen it.

The $1-5 spread limit stud is almost exclusively played by passive elderly people who don't like it when you sit down and bet $5 on 3rd and 4th streets. Since no holdem game lower than $5/$10 is spread, the worst players tend to end up in this game. While the game is sometimes tight (particularly weekday afternoons when the weak-tight regulars are a majority), the game is usually loose-passive and can get silly when drunk rednecks and maniacs are playing late at night. The better regulars are usually found in the $10/$20/$30 or the NL game. No tournaments. Comps are hard to get; if you beg at the right time, you'll get a comp for the deli.

PLO goes on Mondays and Wednesdays. Omaha 8, $10-20 with a full kill goes every Tuesday.

No smoking at the tables.

Just hand them your player's club card when you walk in and they will give you a meal ticket its like $6 at the onboard deli (onboard deli sucks, so you might want to just pass and eat something better.)

Casino Aztar is my least favorite Southern Indiana poker room but it is the only place you can play O/8 on a regular basis. You can pretty much count on the O/8 game going every Tuesday.

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