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Casino poker rooms offer patrons the opportunity to play in public poker games. Often these are called brick-and-mortar (B&M) cardrooms to distinguish them from online cardrooms. Unlike most other casino games, where the player almost always is playing at a (slight) disadvantage against the casino, in poker the house makes its money by taking a portion of the pot from each hand, called the rake.

Traditionally casino poker has been played in the US gambling centers of Las Vegas and Atlantic City as well as in California. More recently cardrooms have also flourished in other locations, including many more in the United States and others in Europe. American Indian gaming has led to more public poker in the Eastern and Western US, and the history of riverboat gambling has been used as a rationale for establishing more gaming facilities in the Midwest and South-Central US.

Casinos in the lists below are categorized by size and are also rated with rankings between one and five chips. Why not help us out by finding your favorite casino(s) in one of the lists below and adding your reviews or comments? Or, if you know of a casino that isn't listed, please add it to the list!

United States

Four of the states with the most number of poker cardrooms (over 100 each) are linked out separately below; the rest are divided into the four regions of the US.

The other 46 states:


Fun fact, the country with the most gamblers per capita is Australia.

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