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Cadillac Jacks has 4 poker tables in a non-smoking room. The poker room is centrally located in a cove not far from the restaurant.

Directions Edit

Games Spread Edit

Hold 'em Edit

Spread Limit:

  • 2-10: $50 Minimum Buy-in
  • 3-25: $100 Minimum Buy-in, goes somewhat regularily
  • 5-50: $300 Minimum Buy-in, Call for information.
  • Others upon request

Omaha 8/b Edit

  • 5/10 full kill, Upon request and depending upon demand

Tournaments Edit

  • Sunday: Call poker room for information
  • Monday: 7:00pm $40 buy-in, winner takes all
  • Wednesday: 7:00pm $40 buy-in, winner takes all
  • Thursday: Call poker room for information

Rake Structure Edit

All games are 5% up to 3 dollar rake, 1 dollar jackpot rake when pot hits 31 dollars.

Jackpots Edit

Seperate Bad Beat Jackpots exist for Omaha and Hold'em. In addition a high hand jackpot exists where pocket pair quads and royal flushes are rewarded. Quad Jacks pays 10% of the BBJ. The BBJ is paid when Aces full of Eights or better are beat, both hole cards from both hands must play. In the case of a hole card tying the board the hole card is used. Distribution is 50% to the winner, 40% split to players dealt in, 10% to start a new Jackpot.

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