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Bomb Pot Example on Live Stream

A bomb pot is a hand where each player agrees to place a predetermined bet amount into the pot before the hand is dealt.  There is no other betting allowed before the flop.  Once the dealer puts the flop out players resume the hand in normal fashion.  First documented around 2009 in Sacramento, CA at the Casino Royale, the purpose was originally a fun conclusion to a game.  However it became a way to create action within a game. It soon spread to Reno, the rest of California, Vegas, and the rest of the world.  It has become tradition to do one on each dealer change.  Some games even have a separate button that rotates just for the bomb pot so that each player has a chance to be in position for the bomb pot. When the regular button and bomb pot button are in the same place some degenerates do something call an eclipse which doubles the normal bomb pot bet.