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Successful poker players use bluffs in their games as a strategy and that too in a well timed manner. It is perhaps the most successful and talked about strategy used in poker but as believed is used not used frequently. But if you exclude bluffing from the poker game it would make it less interesting. Also, players who don’t bluff ever, became too predictable by others and as a result the chances of making maximum wins is reduced.

Players bluff in different situations, such as when there is no way of winning the pot or when the player wants to steal the pot before all the cards dealt with. You could know whether the bluff is profitable or not in a cash poker game by some calculations. You could compare the odds of making a winning bluff with the size of bet required and amount in the pot. This is an important thing to know about the opponents’ strategy of folding.

There are some points by which you could know whether it is time to bluff or not. Those points you should look before you take any type of decision are type of opponent, number of opponents, your table image and reading skills, size of pot, your position and board if any.

It would not be wise to bluff against weak opponents who barely calls any wager. Such players known as calling stations and it is a common mistake to bluff against them. You must be sure that the other player is enough skilled to know the time when to fold their hands.

It is always good to not use bluff against when there are three or more players especially in limit poker. For using against single players, bluff could be a perfect strategy. This is not because of a single player but because there is significantly a smaller pot which means you have to use little chances.

When you have developed a table image of loose player bluff could not work properly. This is because if you bluff and caught, others will more likely to call your wager. Though you may get reverse psychological benefits at times when others became careless that you might not bluff again.

It would be easier for you to bluff, if you could read what others hold by reading them but this is a difficult skill to develop. Still it is important to develop this skill.

If the pot size is large, opponents are more likely to call as their pot odds are better. But you could get better reward when the pot is larger provided your judgment is good with the situation. If you are in a good position with a favorable board then you should consider bluff as a good strategy.

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