Poker Wiki

The word bet has a number of different meanings in poker:

  • A player who makes the action of being first to place chips in the pot on a betting round is being said to bet in that round. No other player can then "bet"; they can only fold, call, or raise.
  • The amount of the limit in a fixed-limit betting structure game is said to be a "bet" (e.g. "There are already seven bets in the pot - what's one more?"). This is sometimes qualified as a small bet or a big bet in fixed-limit games that have different bet sizes.
  • The general act of putting chips in the pot is called betting (or betting and raising) when speaking in broad terms (e.g. "I kept betting and she kept calling!")
  • Betting is used to describe a stage of a poker game, as in a "betting round". Dealers will often say there is "no more betting" when all betting rounds are complete.